What is an NFT Aggregator?

Searching for NFTs can be challenging. From navigating several marketplaces to comparing the floor prices across different collections. I understand. But what if told you there is a solution?

This is where NFT aggregators come in. This novel technology has changed the NFT space allowing users to seamlessly analyze and trade NFTs across multiple platforms. In this article, I will be explaining exactly what they are and the benefits they bring. So without further ado, let’s jump right in.

What is an NFT aggregator?

An NFT aggregator combines NFT collections from multiple marketplaces into one location. This allows users to trade and analyze NFTs from the whole ecosystem. Ultimately, this provides greater liquidity for the platform and allows more in-depth analysis.

Benefits of NFT aggregators

  • Better search analysis – as there is a more significant number of NFTs you can perform a more in-depth analysis. Maybe you want to compare volume and floor price across collections, or gas fees and royalties. This can all be done with an NFT aggregator. For example, Gem has a leaderboard that lists the top NFTs from several platforms, from Open Sea to Magic Eden. This technology is an NFT nerd’s dream.
  • Lower prices – as the NFTs are sourced from multiple platforms the prices are more competitive. Users can see the full range of prices and optimize their trades accordingly. Not to mention, buyers can purchase NFTs in bulk saving money on transaction fees.
  • Cross-chain functionality – NFT aggregators are not restricted by the marketplace. In turn, they can offer NFTs from multiple chains.
  • Convenience – NFT aggregators are an all-in-one trading platform. Users don’t have to hop from one marketplace to another. There is no longer the pain of having to manage multiple wallets or switching marketplaces to find cheaper prices. Now it’s all in one place. The convenience is unrivaled.

Top NFT aggregators

Gem.xyz – launched in early 2021, Gem is the most reputable aggregator in the industry. Recently acquired by Open Sea it has quite the backing. It is a seamless platform that allows users to buy in bulk using any ERC-20 token. Not to mention, it provides complex analytics with data for volume, price, minting activity, distribution, and even a rarity tracker. If you are looking for a quality aggregator then Gem will not disappoint.

Genie.xyz – like Gem, Genie launched in early 2021. This platform is extremely popular with over 26,000 users and over 100,000 Ethereum in trading volume. One benefit of this platform is the refund policy. If an NFT becomes unavailable they issue an instant refund allowing you to trade with confidence. Not to mention, they advertise up to 40% savings in gas. In my opinion, it has an extremely good user interface and its sweep-the-floor function is amazing.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, NFT aggregators are your one-stop shop for NFT trading. They provide a convenient marketplace with access to all your favorite NFTs. This all-in-one platform is cheap and allows a more granular analysis of the whole ecosystem. But although these platforms are new and the industry as a whole is relatively underdeveloped, I have hope for the future. Thanks for reading.

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