The Best Crypto Hardware Wallets

Are you looking for the best crypto hardware wallet? Then you have come to the right place! In a space rife with scams and hacks, hardware wallets are vital for your security.

What are hardware wallets? also known as cold storage these wallets resemble USB sticks or dongles and combine an intuitive digital interface with an external physical device. The wallets do not store your private keys in any software, therefore, eliminating the risk of hacks and loss of funds.

In this article, we will be looking at the best hardware wallets. This is based on extensive testing so without further ado, let’s jump right in.

We will be reviewing the following:

  1. Ledger Nano X
  2. Ledger Nano S Plus
  3. Trezor Model T

1.Ledger Nano X

Rating: 5 out of 5.
+ User interface is elite
+ Supports hundreds of cryptocurrencies
+ Compatible with iOS and Android
+ Superb build quality

A tad pricey

Ledger devices are the most popular hardware wallets in the crypto space and for good reason. The Ledger Nano X features a sleek design with support for over 1000 cryptocurrencies.

Not to mention the ability to use both IOS and Android devices paired with Bluetooth. There is also an in-built battery for wireless support. Overall, it is an extremely convenient and easy-to-use device. This is the device I personally use so I highly recommend it.

2. Ledger Nano S Plus

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
+ Access to ledger live (UI)
+ Supports thousands of cryptocurrencies
+ Great build quality and sleek design

+ Affordable
– No Bluetooth

Looking for a more budget-friendly device? Then the Ledger Nano S Plus is the device for you, it is exceptional value for money. An improvement on the previous iteration, the popular Nano S. This device features a similar style with numerous upgrades.

The first is a sleeker design and larger screen. This device also features larger memory allowing users to store and manage dozens of different cryptocurrencies. Although it doesn’t have Bluetooth, for under $80 this is a steal.

3. Trezor Model T

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
+ Great screen
+ Password manager

+ Superb Security
– Expensive

If you want an alternative crypto wallet then you may like the Trezor Model T. It features a sleek screen with no extra buttons. Like both of the ledgers, it’s extremely secure and supports all the major cryptocurrencies. Not only that it can also be used for password management. With that being said, it is quite pricey at over $200.

Final Thoughts

Overall, these are all solid picks. In my opinion, the ledger is the better option as it has a solid reputation in the industry and it does not break the bank. But you can’t go wrong with any of them.