The Most Hyped NFTs on Solana

Looking to find the most hyped NFT on the market? This post will analyze all aspects of the most popular NFTs and help you decide. This is based on countless hours of research and endless scrolling through Magic Eden. Without further ado let’s dive in:

In this article I will be covering 3 of the most hyped Solana NFTs, these include:


This is hands down the number one Solana NFT. This project holds up to the best Ethereum projects. At the time of writing it has a floor price of 320 sol and has overtaken the likes of Azuki, Doodles, and CloneX.

So what is DeGods? like many over projects, this consists of 10,000 algorithmically generated avatars. The artwork is certainly unique with a more contemporary aesthetic. And to quote the official website “we f*cked up and made original art instead of a Bored Ape Yacht Club derivative”. We’re looking at you Okay bears. The artwork is certainly unique and this is the number one reason for its success.

But it doesn’t stop there. Unlike other projects, DeGods has the pseudo-anonymous leader FrankDeGods. He continues to generate hype and engage with his audience. The project even acquired its own basketball team for around $625,000, full IP rights and all.

Now let’s talk utility, this fuelled by the token Dusk. Users can also stake their DeGods and earn dust. The dust grants users access to community events and exclusive merch. Better yet, holders can use dust to transcend into DeadGods which is a mutated version of the original. Overall, DeGods offers cool, exclusive artwork and the utility is unmatched.

Solana Monkey Business (SMB)

I consider this project a blue chip. The collection consists of 5000 pixelated monkeys each with 99 random unique traits. Your monkey can be smoking a cigarette, wearing a diamond jacket, or even a zombie.

So why do I think it’s blue chip? it’s an OG project minted on the 23 August 2021. Unlike other collections, I find the pixel aesthetic timeless. Hell, even the cofounder of Solana Raj Gokal is rocking an SMB for his Twitter profile pic.

The community is also fantastic. This is represented in the form of MonkeDao. By holding an SMB you gain access to a decentralized autonomous organization. This lets you earn staking rewards and vote on future proposals.

This leads me to my next point. The roadmap ahead. What is the future plan for MonkeDao? well, the community intends to incorporate 3D avatars ready for the metaverse and monkey NFTs with “ecosystem functionality”. How groundbreaking these milestones will be is yet to be seen.

Finally, let’s look at the floor price. Like DeGods this has held up considerably well. Overall, it has fluctuated between 130 sol and 288 sol. This supports its blue-chip status and gives me hope for its future potential.

Okay Bears

Okay bears is a 10k collection of bears founded by Kais and Suby. There’s no denying this project has not been without its challenges. The floor price has declined over 80% and the devs continue to underdeliver.

Simple utilities such as wristbands and staking have proven troublesome with constant delays. However, this project has a strong community with over 140k Twitter followers and it is the most traded NFT in Solana’s history.

So what does the future hold for Okay Bears? The team plans to roll out exclusive merch and create their own marketplace with the help of Magic Eden. But the ultimate plan is to create an extensive metaverse where holders can interact in the “park”.

However, I remain skeptical about their grand plans until they show some results. Also in my opinion it draws too much inspiration from Bored Ape Yacht Club and lacks its own identity. As outlined in my previous article, perhaps it is a FAD.

Final Thoughts

Overall, these three projects all deserve a place on your watchlist. They each offer unique artwork and have a vibrant community to support their continued success. If you want to hear more about my why i am bullish on the NFT market please read my previous article.