Why AI Will Make Our Society Rich

It’s time to pay attention. A new exponential age is upon us. One we haven’t seen since we harnessed electricity. This is the world that AI will create.

A world that removes the bottleneck of human labor and improves the efficiency of nearly every job leading to unprecedented wealth and prosperity. Join me as we explore this potential utopia.

At the end of the day, labor drives growth. The recent boom in humanity’s population catapulted us into rapid development. Starting from around 1 Billion people in the 1800s to almost 8 billion people in 2021.

With this exponential increase in population came unprecedented development. From the industrial revolution to the invention of the internet in just a couple hundred years.

Ultimately, more people lead to more goods being produced while also increasing demand for said goods. This is not even taking into account the effect population has on technology.

Now when it comes to AI. They will further compound this effect, after-all they mimic human intelligence and in some cases exceed humans’ capabilities in certain tasks.

At first, AI will replace repetitive low-skilled jobs. This could be improving speed and efficiency in manufacturing. For instance, Porsche uses autonomous guided vehicles to transfer vehicle parts through the production line.

Amazon is also using AI to sort packages in their warehouses in combination with robotics. The AI robot known as Sparrow can use “AI and computer vision to recognize and handle millions of items”

Amazon even stated that this technology could create more than 700 new job categories.

As AI becomes increasingly developed it will then start to improve higher-skilled jobs. Increasing overall productivity of companies and their employees.

One area that will be revolutionized is data analytics. AI can be used to analyze vast amounts of data, identify patterns and trends, and make predictions.

We are seeing this with large companies offering tailored ads to customers. For example, the Chinese company Alibaba uses AI to predict what customers want to buy and it also use it to automatically write product description.

On the consumer size, we have seen it with the recent rise of ChatGPT. Users can prompt the ChatBot and receive tailored information in return.

Students are writing entire essays using this automated AI system and it can even tell jokes. It is estimated that the global chatbot market will reach $102 billion by 2026 creating thousands of jobs in the process.

Although many people will be displaced by this new technology more jobs will be created. With every new technology, there is a concern among the populous.

If we look back to the industrial revolution, thousands of farmers lost their jobs. But in its place came manufacturing providing many people with better working conditions and higher pay.

Not to mention, in a world where we are concerned with population collapse AI is a game changer. The loss in labor won’t be an issue as AI will inevitably pick up the slack.

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At the end of the day, with the rapid growth in AI. I believe that within the next 100 years, we will get to a point where it will be hard to even distinguish between human intelligence and AI intelligence.

In turn, this increase in society’s collective intelligence will catapult us into wealth and prosperity.